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Record U.S. Oil Exports Help Narrow Trade Deficit

July 16, 2018Wambolt Team
Technology driven drilling and oil exploration has elevated the U.S. to the third largest oil producer in the world, behind Russia and Saudi Arabia. The EIA estimates that U.S. oil, priced as West Texas Intermediate (WTI) in the energy markets, will continue to be less expensive than its international counterpart, Brent through 2019. Since commodities...
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Macroeconomic forces: What we’re watching now

July 13, 2018Wambolt Team
Analysts list a number of factors that could (key word “could”) be indicators that the economy is sliding. Here’s an update on a number of those items and their impact on the economy: Trade and tariffs Trade and tariffs disrupted markets in June as the U.S. Commerce Department announced tariffs on $250 billion worth of...
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Trade war begins – What’s next?

July 11, 2018Wambolt Team
The U.S. and China exchanged $34 billion worth of tariffs on Friday, July 6. An additional list of potential tariffs totaling $200 billion in Chinese goods was announced on July 10 , further escalating tensions between the two countries (CNBC). China has cried foul, according to the BBC, and lodged a complaint to the World Trade Organization. China...
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Lindsey Miller joins the Wambolt Team

July 5, 2018Wambolt Team
Please join us in welcoming Lindsey Miller to the Wambolt Team! Lindsey brings her distinct client-advocacy perspective to Wambolt, where she’ll execute outreach strategies to engage our clients in activities that build and secure wealth. This extends to directing clients to the right specialists and educational resources to help each individual and family achieve their...
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For women only: Talk it up, team up and take control of your wealth

July 2, 2018Cindy Alvarez & Lindsey Miller
Our youngest client is a 13-year old teenage boy who is saving and investing money earned from a lawn mowing business. His mother and a friend brought in their homeschooled children to us to complete an economic unit on investing. While the students came to our office to learn, it’s the mothers that drove them...
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Neutralizing the retirement tax

June 28, 2018Wambolt Team
For decades, Americans saved. By 2017, the personal savings rate had dwindled to 2.4% in the United States. With long-term savings in decline, fewer Americans are set to maintain their current standard of living in retirement. For the Tax Foundation, author Erica York explains one reason is that the tax code favors consumption over savings. Consumption is taxed...
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U.S. economy “doing well” in June 2018

June 26, 2018Wambolt Team
In June, the Federal Reserve raised its target rate a quarter of a percentage point, the second hike in the federal funds rate this year. In announcing the increase, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell stated as the main takeaway that “the economy is doing well.” He went on to say, “Most people that want to find jobs...
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Wambolt - Fly of the Month

Low Water Trout Tips and Tactics: Part One

June 21, 2018Peter Stitcher
The following content is part of our Fly of the Month Club. This article is written by Peter Stitcher from Ascent Fly Fishing. The world of trout is ruled and regulated by cycles. Each Spring, the Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout spawn, followed by the Brown and Brook Trout in the Fall. The fish in the...
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New baby? Stop, take stock, and act

June 19, 2018Cindy Alvarez & John Seevers
Having a baby triggers more than joyful moments and sleepless nights. It triggers financial and lifestyle change, which is why it’s a life event that should cause us all to stop, take stock, and act. There are several investment opportunities available to you to save for your child’s education and financial future. Here’s three to...
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