Chocolate, Wine Pairings and a Plan for the Unexpected

Clients and guests joined members of the Wambolt team at the Chocolate Therapist in Littleton, Colorado, for an evening of wine & chocolate pairings. Guests shared savory appetizers from Smokin Fins Grill, while sampling a mix of handcrafted chocolates paired with just the right variety of wines. Each guest also received Wambolt’s Survivorship Planning Guide....
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Charitable Giving in 2018 takes on a New Look

By John Seevers, Valentine Seevers & Associates | (303) 674-5561 | |  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) changes some rules around itemized deductions that can impact your tax planning for charitable giving. In short, it may require new planning strategies to get the most out of the tax reform. The bad news is,...
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Lawsuits, Bears, and Bad Actors: Make Protecting What You Own a Priority

Wealth needs to be protected. But in the wealth management arena, the term “asset protection” has different meanings and uses as it shores up capital against various threats. All lead to the same result, though: an asset protection plan that protects your hard-earned capital from bad actors in our litigious society. While the majority of...
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Is Your Estate Plan Obsolete in Wake of Recent Tax Legislation?

By John Seevers, Valentine Seevers & Associates | (303) 674-5561 | | Recently enacted tax reform measures in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) reduce individual and corporate tax rates, eliminate a host of deductions and credits, enhance other breaks and make numerous additional changes, some of which could impact your wealth portfolio. Gifts...
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Market Volatility Could Pay Off in the Long Run

More Normal Than You Think… After a stellar stock equity market run in 2017, market volatility is back in 2018. While disquieting, market volatility is as old as, well, the markets. And could pay off in the long run. Just last month, we shared with you Katie Stockton’s prediction of a correction or pullback in...
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Wambolt - Fly of the Month

Maximizing Your Fly Fishing Investments

The following content is part of our Fly of the Month Club. This article is written by Tom Caprio from 5280 Angler. Just as you have financial advisors that guide your portfolio choices, a fly fishing guide can help you make the most of your investment of fishing gear and time. Where is the Best Return:...
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Please Welcome Our Newest Employee, Giulia Silva

As a recent graduate of CU Boulder, majoring in both Finance and Accounting, Giulia joined our team this month as a Financial Paraplanner. However, she has been a part of the team since 2016, spending two summers with us as an intern. Her forward thinking and fresh, young perspective will bring a wealth of knowledge...
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Taxes – Is Your Current Solution REACTIVE or PROACTIVE?

New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone is talking about them. Have you made yours yet? According to data provided by Statista, 50% of all New Year’s resolutions each year are focused on finances. The majority of these resolutions focus on making or saving more money. What if you could do both by making one strategic change? Take a...
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Should I Buy Bitcoin?

Wall Street certainly loves a winner and a great story. This year the markets have presented many compelling stories with impressive returns from both domestic and international equities. Throughout the last few months we have received numerous inquiries about Bitcoin, as it has been dominating headlines with amazing returns. You would have to be almost living under...
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