Meet Wambolt & Associates

A Tradition of Strategic and Comprehensive
Wealth Management Services

Greg Wambolt is the founder and owner of Wambolt & Associates, LLC. Greg and his team employ a multi-advisor approach to provide clients with a high level of tax, estate, and investment advisory services all under one roof.

A Team Approach to Wealth Management

When we partner together our clients truly win. By coordinating tax, legal and financial work, we can boost your ability to accumulate and preserve wealth. Our experienced team of advisors specialize in complex financial situations that require discipline and expertise in many fields. By having our financial planners, CPAs and attorneys working together to meet your goals, we aim to ensure our clients are making the best decisions for the short- and long-term. We operate as a fiduciary which means that every decision and recommendation is in our client’s best interest. We focus on families, small business owners and individuals with complicated fiscal dynamics. When you work with Wambolt & Associates, your entire team of advisors collaborate so you can relax and focus on what comes next.

Why Does the Team Approach Work?

Our unique approach to wealth management removes the work, coordination, and responsibility from our clients. You are no longer the quarterback of your financial team. Our team of advisors will work together on your behalf. With your big picture in mind, our wealth management advisors, tax professionals and attorneys work together, under one roof, to help you discover, navigate and achieve your goals and retirement dreams.