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Asset Protection

Financial success brings the freedom to create a personally fulfilling life, and this wealth needs to be protected. With our comprehensive approach and specialized legal tools, you will always know that your money is secure and protected, so you can focus on what comes next.

What is Asset Protection?

The growth of asset protection is a result of a legal system that encourages plaintiffs, who risk nothing, to sue anyone who may appear to have the ability to pay. An Asset Protection Plan is the best tool for shielding your assets from lawsuits. By creating this trust, it makes it very difficult for anyone to sue you. The best way to protect your assets is to take legal steps to make yourself unattractive to potential predators.

Creating a successful plan takes a professional who understands the delicate balance between your use and control of your assets, and a sufficient lack of such control which will be respected by the courts.

Who needs an Asset Protection Plan?

Implementing an Asset Protection plan has become the recommended standard for clients with moderate to high wealth. Asset protection planning gives you the option to legally defend yourself from the frivolous lawsuits that are often focused your way. Common professions that are often targeted are healthcare professionals, employers, small business owners, artists and entertainers and professional athletes. Any one of these factors make you a target for lawsuits. This creates a need for proactive planning to ensure your assets are protected from predators.

How we can Help Protect Your Wealth

With over 200 years of combined experience in Financial Planning, Investment Management, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning and Preparation, Estate Planning, Legal Counsel and Asset Protection, we offer our clients a team of advisors, both in-house and independent, who can boost your ability to accumulate and preserve wealth. Each Integrated Asset Protection Plan is customized to our client’s needs. Designed by experts, these legal structures are designed to preserve and protect your assets.

We invite you to view this comprehensive video series designed to help you understand what Asset Protection Tools are available to you through Wambolt & Associates, and what you need to consider when making a choice.

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