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Investment Management

Your investments should be managed with a plan that is focused on your values and vision. However, this is often easier said than done. There are many questions that need to be answered to ensure that you are investing correctly, and will reach your goals. After a complimentary consultation and learning more about you and your family, we will do what we do best. Define a path to accomplish your goals that will drive the entire investment management process.

Customized Portfolios

Custom investment portfolios are customized to meet each family’s unique risk, return and tax preferences using our strategies and models. As our team works with you to create your portfolio we will review your goals, current investment positions, retirement income projections, insurance, liabilities and any other financial matters that pertain to you and your family. Through this process, we will deliver a customized plan that will evolve and change as we work together towards your goals.

Continued Investment Management

Having a plan is only the beginning of your financial journey. It is inevitable that there will be bumps in the road. We work proactively with our clients to help guide them through the transitions in their lives and the financial markets. Comprehensive quarterly reports are provided to keep our clients informed and on track. We never lose sight of the trust and confidence our clients place in us as their fiduciary and financial guide.

Asset Allocation

A portfolio’s performance is driven by its allocation, not by timing the market or stock selection. Through our financial planning process, we can clearly define the returns required from an investment portfolio, and how much risk needs to be taken. We then create a customized asset allocation with diversification in stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, alternatives and other derivatives. Over time, asset classes will behave differently offering various levels of return and risk. By finding the proper balance in each client’s portfolio we can navigate the ever-changing markets.

Individual Securities and Bonds

With our planning process and investment tools, we are able to design and manage investment portfolios with individual positions. We offer full investment services in stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and fixed income securities while avoiding expensive products that often have layers of unnecessary fees. Investments are monitored and managed proactively to ensure they warrant a position in each client’s asset allocation strategy.

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