Fly of the Month Club

About the Club

There is nothing like the setting of Colorado’s rivers and streams as a place to conduct business. Discussions about financial planning, existing resources, and life events can make us all a little anxious. Put a fly rod in your hand and Greg Wambolt by your side in one of the most incredible places you can fish, and these discussions become more relaxed.

The Fly of the Month Club is intended to educate and provide an open invitation to fish with us. The good news is that trout bite all year round in Colorado so it’s important to know your fly pattern, river reports, and technique. FOM club members are given the information to know when to fish, where to fish, time of day, and provided the appropriate fly to match the hatch, giving you the upper hand on your adventure on the water.

The Fly of the Month Club combines two of our passions because everything we do in life needs to have purpose; without purpose life has no meaning. This means doing the things we enjoy with people we enjoy. The FOM club enables us to combine personalized wealth management and fly fishing! Our intentions are to become well acquainted with our clients, understanding their purpose, all while providing an open invitation to fish. So whether you are a fly-fishing veteran or you’ve never tried fly-fishing before but are ready for some real adventure, let’s get started.

Ready to join the Fly of the Month?