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Financial Freedom and Colorado Living

The Fly of the Month club is intended to educate and provide an open invitation to fish with us. The good news is that trout bite all year round in Colorado so it’s important to know your fly pattern, river reports, and technique. Fly of the Month club members are given the information to know when to fish, time of day, and provided the appropriate fly to match the hatch, giving you the upper hand on your adventures on the water.

The Fly of the Month Club combines two of our passions because everything we do in life needs to have a purpose; without purpose, life has no meaning. This means doing the things we enjoy with people we enjoy. The Fly of the Month club enables us to combine personalized wealth management and fly fishing! Our intentions are to become well acquainted with our clients, understanding their purpose, all while providing an open invitation to fish. So whether you are a fly-fishing veteran or you’ve never tried fly-fishing before but are ready for some real adventure, let’s get started!

What is Fly-Fishing?

October 2021

What motivates each of us to pick up our fly rod and wade through the morning misted waters is an integral element of our unique definitions of “What is Fly Fishing?”

The Instars - Underrated Rock Star Fly Patterns

September 2021

As mayfly and stonefly nymphs mature from egg to adult, they go through a number of stages of development called instars…

5 Tips for Trout Fishing During a Drought

August 2021

The responsible angler should wear a fly-fishing thermometer in their boot to keep an eye on water temperatures…

4 Tips to Fly Fish the Brood X Cicada Hatch

July 2021

Reported in every newspaper and news program, this year marks the hatch of the Brood X cicadas and it is going to be epic!

The 5 Fly Fishing Rules of the Road

June 2021

Whether you’ve been fishing for decades or are just getting your feet wet for the first time this spring, you have either felt the frustration …

Fly Fishing with Streamers - Part 2 On the Water

May 2021

Big Fish Eat Big Flies, and if you would like frequent photo ops with monster trout you will need to learn to fish with streamers!

Fly Fishing with Streamers - Part 1: Rigging

April 2021

Streamers – for most fly fishers they either love them or are intimidated and frustrated by them. These big flies imitate …

Fly Fishing Rigs for Leader & Tippet Tags

March 2021

The proverb “Waste not, want not” rings true in many areas of fly fishing. We continue to add dry fly floatant in the attempt …

3 Tips to Help You Float Fish Like a Pro

February 2021

2021 is the year the team at Ascent Fly Fishing is dedicating to float fish as often as possible and we invite you to join us …

Fishing Rafts vs. Drift Boats

January 2021

It is a longstanding joke around the fly shop, and one I break out with a grin whenever a giddy angler is trying to reel themselves back in from buying more flies and gear …

3 Tips for Identifying and Fishing Emergers

December 2020

The invertebrates “emerger” life cycle is when an insect leaves the bottom of the lake or river and struggles towards the surface …

Tips & Tactics for Fishing Shelves & Drop-Offs

November 2020

When fishing fall through spring, being able to identify and effectively target shelves and drop-offs in the river will give you access to the greatest fish concentrations …

3 Keys in Becoming an Amazing Fly Fisher

October 2020

What makes someone a truly amazing fly fisher? There are a lot of people who catch fish, and some who even have a knack for netting truly big fish, but what are …

Out Top 3 Favorite Floats in Colorado

September 2020

With so many amazing waters to float and fish in Colorado, we had our work cut out for us to narrow it down to only three! There is so much more to float 3 Favorite …

Get Ready for the Big-5 Fall Hatches

August 2020

The transition from summer to fall can be tough for many anglers as the hatches shift and temperatures start to drop. If you would like to make the most of this …

Welcome to Dry Fly Season

July 2020

Time to put away the split shot and strike indicators. July marks the start of the most consistent dry fly action of the year here in Colorado. The high flows of …

Fly-Fishing During Runoff

June 2020

Runoff can be a dreaded time of year for some trout fishermen. The muddy water period between spring and summer that many deem “unfishable” is actually extremely …

Fly-Fishing for Bass on Local Waters

May 2020

In my home state of Colorado, the month of May is one I get excited for as that is when the bass fishing starts to turn on. That’s right, in a state filled with …

The Answers to The Test Are in Your Seine!

April 2020

What would it take to make this the best fishing season of your life? Would you have to drop big bucks on a new Winston rod and Hatch reel? Would you have to get …

The 4 Keys to Becoming a Deadly Flats Fly Fisher

March 2020

For those of you who have had the pleasure of fishing the salt flats, you know that it can be intoxicating. As I write these words from the deck of La Pesca- dora …

How Chasing Redfish Made Me a Better Trout Fisherman

February 2020

Being used to the slow and winding commute along Rocky Mountain river canyons, my adrenaline was pumping as the guide gunned his flat boat through hairpin turns …

To Bead or Not to Bead?

January 2020

One of the most frequent questions I receive from anglers each year is: “When should I use a beadhead fly vs. an unweighted fly?” For most wet fly, nymph, and larva …

How to Tie & Fish

December 2019

I still remember the first time I saw someone tie on a dry fly with a nymph drop- per hanging off the curve of the hook – I thought my head was going to explode!

Fly Fishing for Kokanee Salmon

November 2019

The gorgeous whites of winter are only a few weeks away. Most of the the trees have been stripped bare by the snow and cold, but there is no need to worry as good …

A Case for Custom Built Fly Rods

October 2019

Over a lifetime on the water you are going to own a number of fly rods, but as your arsenal of rods grows, your first fly rod will always hold a special place in your heart.

An Insiders Guide to Catching Cutbow Trout on the Fly

September 2019

Your reel screams as fluorescent fly line unspools down river behind the largest dorsal fin you’ve ever seen. This is a common….

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Fly Fisher

August 2019

The reasons that drive us to the river are as numerous and diverse as the anglers with whom we share the water. There is a primal connection and wild freedom…

The Advantages of Fly Fishing with Flourocarbon

June 2019

Not all tippet and leader are created equal. Monofilament or nylon line has been around since the 1950s and while relatively inexpensive and excellent for fishing …

Paint by Numbers: Fly Fishing

March 2019

Matching the match is really a two-part process. The angler must first observe the insects in, on, and around the water and be able to identify which family…

3 Tips for Targeting Reluctant Trout

February 2019

We have all had days on the water when the fish just don’t want to cooperate. We’ve sampled the water, matched the hatch, and even after tying on all of our tried…

We Build it Together

January 2019

The team at Wambolt & Associates gathered in December to celebrate the holiday season. The evening was full of fun, laughter and great food! In place of our traditional gift…

Choosing the Right Fly: Lakes, Creeks & Everything Inbetween

December 2018

Similar to the way some investments have a proven track record of performance year in, year out, there are flies that produce fish time and time again…

Fishing the Bighorn River: Everything you need to know

November 2018

Thirty one years ago I jumped into a drift boat and started to fish one of the biggest rivers I had ever seen. I was completely intimidated…

How to Use a Fly Fishing Drop-Shot Rig

October 2018

If you want to be a more successful angler on the fly, your rod and line need to become an extension of your arm. This may sound…

Matching Dries From a Distance

September 2018

Knowledge is power. In the case of the fly fisher, the greater your ability to identify the insects that trout feed on…

Off the Beaten Path Trout Waters

August 2018

One’s Home Waters are a place of comfort. Studied over long days on the water, we learn the intricacies of each drift…

Low Water Trout Tips and Tactics: Part Two

July 2018

The summer is here, the camping gear is in the car, there are burgers on the grill, and the call of the river is string!

Low Water Trout Tips and Tactics: Part One

June 2018

The summer fly fishing season is here! We hope you have had a chance to get out of the water. This month…

How to Ethically Fish the Trout Spawn

May 2018

As a member of the Wambolt and Associates Fly of the Month Club, the importance of investing for the future…

How to Photograph Your Catch Without Harming the Fish

April 2018

Springtime in the Rockies always brings temperamental weather. We often see 60 and 70 degree days with bluebird…

Trout Smart Series: Part 2 of Rainbow Trout

March 2018

We are a nation rich in resources and natural beauty. Every good outdoors-man knows the value of preserving…

Trout Smart Series: Part 1 of Rainbow Trout

Feburary 2018

We hope that 2018 is off to a good start for you personally, as you take time out to fly fish, but also financially…

Tujenga Pamoja - “We Build it Together”

January 2018

Of the many questions asked by anglers, the most important question is rarely voiced. We routinely ask…

Trout Smart Series: Part 2 of Brook Trout

December 2017

We hope that you are enjoying this special season with your loved ones. Last month we asked our FOM club…

Trout Smart Series: Part 1 of Brook Trout

November 2017

We hope that you are enjoying this special season with your loved ones. Last month we asked our FOM club…

Trout Smart Series: Part 2 of Brown Trout

October 2017

This month our featured fly is a Beadhead Copper John, a fly that many of us have used and most likely have in…

Trout Smart Series: Part 1 of Brown Trout

September 2017

Each day of fly fishing presents us with new experiences and challenges. To be successful, we must be observant…

The Need to See It to Eat It... Breaking Down Water Clarity and Fly Selection

August 2017

The ‘dog days of summer’ are upon us. We are enjoying warm weather, water flowing at optimal levels and trout…

How to MATCH the Hatch in 5 Easy Steps

July 2017

The summer fly fishing season is here! I hope you have had a chance to get out of the water. Several members…

It’s Nice to Fool Mother Nature / Runoff to Late Summer

June 2017

There are many parallels that connect fly fishing and investing. Both require patience, discipline and the ability…

Czech Nymphing: Simple, Responsive and Deadly

May 2017

Spring is officially upon us! As you put away your winter sports equipment, I am sure your fly fishing gear is calling…

Investing in the Future of Trout

April 2017

Springtime in the Rocky Mountains always brings temperamental weather. Earlier this month, we had our typical…

The Geometry of Fighting and Landing Big Fish: Part 2

March 2017

Warmer weather is quickly approaching. With that brings a summer of fly fishing that will offer new adventures…

The Geometry of Fighting & Landing Big Fish: Part I

February 2017

Originally tied along the banks of Oregon’s McKenzie river, and made famous on the Big Horn River in Montana…

You are Welcome to Fish with Me

January 2017

Simple but effective, the Buckskin (often known as the Buckskin Nymph) is a killer caddis larva pattern…

Matching Mayflies: Part II

December 2016

Born on the highly pressured and technical tail waters of the South Platte River in Colorado, the Chocolate…

Matching Mayflies: Part I

November 2016

Like a flashback to the clubs of the 1970’s the Disco Midge is an embodiment of the bright lights and disco…

Double Your Rig Double Your Fun

October 2016

A flashier and sexier version of the classic Pat’s Rubberleg, the Beadhead Hot Collar Pat’s Rubberleg adds…

Applying a 3D View to Hatch Charts

September 2016

The Stalcup Baetis is a bit of a bully when it comes to fly patterns. It’s not content to be fished…

Take a Moment to PAUSE

July 2016

A resident of a number of lakes and reservoirs across the Rockies and Western US, Mysis Shrimp are a key…

Don’t Let Runoff “Put You Down”

June 2016

Making up to 90% of the trout’s diet in many lakes and reservoir across the nation, there are few families…

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid!

April 2016

The offspring of an RSII and a Jujubaetis, the Mercury Baetis is a born trout slayer! Don’t let the slim profile…

Slow & Low: Winter Fishing Tips & Tactics

December 2015

First introduced to me by a fishing buddy and a transplant from the land of Dixie, the “Slow & Low” is made…

Worth the Weight

November 2015

Like every fly fisherman, I eagerly anticipate the sea- son when warm nights and sunny days bring fish to the surface…

The Fall Fishing Guide

October 2015

The natural world is ruled by cycles. The earth spins, the sun rises, crests, and fades into the west. Pulled…

3 Tips for a Faster Dry Fly ID

September 2015

Ask any fly fisherman and they will tell you that the season to fish dry flies is never long enough. As the bugs…

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Emergers

August 2015

Whenever I’m on the river and I see the clouds begin to roll over the mountains, their threats of rain…

Heavy Metal Fly Fishing

July 2015

Take a trip with me back in time to the year 1987. You were the coolest cat on the neighborhood, tearing down…

The Case for Caddis Part II

June 2015

Having covered the life cycle and characteristics of each phase of the caddisfly…

The Case for Caddis Part I

May 2015

Tied as an ultra-realistic caddis larva imitation, both the angler and the fish might have a hard time…

Spring River Reports

April 2015

Fish are responding very well to the increase in daily average temperature in terms of them taking…

The Evolution of the Egg

April 2015

Since time out of mind in rivers around the globe, trout have spawned, laying their eggs in ancient…

River and Stillwater Reports

December 2014

Fishing is slowing with the steady drop in flows over the past month. Most fisheries still offer…

Anticipating the Harvest

November 2014

Being born and raised in the Mid-West, my life was intimately connected to land. From working on farms…