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Helping Clients Avoid the Pitfalls of Emotional Investment Decisions

Jan 2024

When investing your hard-earned money, it’s natural to have a certain level of anxiety about your decisions. Add to that the proliferation of financial pundits, the constant stream of dramatic digital media headlines known as “clickbait,” and the scare tactics used by the media to grab ratings, and it’s no wonder that investors can easily lose sight of the bigger picture.


Cindy Alvarez: An Astute Leader & Loyal Ally

Dec 2023

Cindy Alvarez starts each workday with purpose: to help clients access the wealth management resources they need and to support the next generation of the Wambolt & Associate’s team.


Brady Jones: A Team Player Who Has Your Back

Nov 2023

As a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, Brady Jones has learned the value of teamwork. As a wealth management planner at Wambolt & Associates, Brady appreciates being part of a collaborative team of specialists who go the extra mile for their clients.


Evan Coats - Optimizing Tax Solutions for Clients

Oct 2023

Wambolt & Associates Tax Analyst Evan Coats finds true satisfaction in uncovering opportunities for clients to improve their tax situations. Whether working with small businesses, corporate entities or individuals, Evan has a keen ability to understand their tax picture and identify strategies specific to the client.   


Jared Hobson: A Discerning Eye for Investments

Sept 2023

With round-the-clock access to reports from financial prognosticators, podcasters, and Wall Street pundits, it takes a discerning eye to identify advantageous investments. Enter Chartered Financial Analyst Jared Hobson, newly hired by Wambolt & Associates as the firm’s Senior Portfolio Manager.  


Global Business Group Recognizes Greg Wambolt's Leadership

Aug 2023

Coaches of winning teams understand that success is not only defined by a strong track record, but also by sustaining a culture that promotes collaboration and innovation. To become a champion in any field, teams need a leader who embraces the evolution of the game and creates a roster ready for the challenge. As coach of Wambolt & Associates, Greg Wambolt is excited to come to work each day with his team to design new plays that will put points on the board for their clients.  


Janelle van Meel

July 2023

When she wanted to pursue a career opportunity with a firm that offered a client-driven approach to wealth management, Janelle van Meel did what she does best – she researched the market and found a perfect match – Wambolt & Associates. After reading about the firm and learning that its advisors help clients design customized portfolios without the conflict of interest that comes with commission-based sales of specific financial products, Janelle was convinced that she would thrive on the Wambolt team.    


Eleni Yeros: An Emerging Leader

June 2023

For Eleni Yeros, wealth management advising is anything but transactional. It’s all about relationships, education, problem solving and collaboration. “I love creating a financial blueprint that brings something fresh to a client’s eyes,” she said.

Eleni has been inspired to help clients reach their financial goals since beginning her Wambolt & Associates career as an intern in 2018. In the years that have followed, her expertise has grown, and her enthusiasm has deepened.  

Regina Franz - A Team Player Who Covers the Bases

May 2023

Every good business, like every good baseball team, has an exceptional utility infielder who covers all the bases and is a go-to for the team. Meet Wambolt’s Director of Operations Regina Franz. 
Whether training the administrative and junior associates teams, counseling a client, or assisting a wealth management advisor, Regina is a reliable team player in the Wambolt & Associates line-up. Best of all, she is excited by the many roles she plays for the firm. “I like challenges and finding solutions,” said Regina. “Talking to clients is interesting and rewarding and I am motivated by discovering the best way to serve them.”

Private Markets, What, Why & How

Apr. 2023

Markets have been unsettled for over a year. Inflation persists. Economic uncertainty remains. Federal budget deficits climb and may drive future tax increases. Stock and bond values have fallen simultaneously, a rarity. (See The 2022 Bear Market: No Place to Hide) Prognosticators raise concerns that the stock market may be entering a long period of stagnation. These conditions drive increased interest in alternatives to the public markets. However, private market investments differ from publicly traded securities in several important ways. Knowing those differences is a key to picking wisely.

Wambolt Welcomes Shaun Cavanagh

Mar. 2023

For Shaun Cavanagh, wealth management advising is a perfect intersection of his interests: analyzing the markets and advocating for clients. Wambolt & Associates is the ideal environment in which he can contribute his financial acumen and help families achieve their financial goals.

Bonds are Hot...? Part 2: Bond Strategies

Feb. 2023

In our first installment of this two-part series, we reviewed basic terminology and historical returns in the bond markets. Using this understanding of fixed-income investments, we will now explore examples of how bonds might fit into a well-designed portfolio. These examples will take into account the dynamics and opportunities in today’s market. We will also describe the advantages of buying individual bonds, rather than bond funds.

Bonds are Hot...? Part 1: Yields, History & Inversion

Jan. 2023

For many of the past 15 years, bonds provided returns both relatively low and relatively safe. A low inflation and low interest rate environment made stocks and other riskier investments more attractive. However, interest rates on fixed income investments have recently increased, while valuations of more speculative assets have in some cases collapsed. As a result, investors are evaluating revised fixed income investment strategies. In this first installment of a two-part series, we review the basics and modern history of bond investing.

The 2022 Bear Market: No Place to Hide.

Dec. 2022

For most investors, 2022 might seem like a year to forget. Several factors combined to drive down values across nearly every investment class. Yet, remembering years like this can help us understand and adapt to future market declines. Corrections and bear markets are more common than most investors realize. Having a disciplined response is important to achieving expected returns over the long term.

Drilling Into Global Oil Markets

Nov. 2022

Roughly 99% of vehicles in the U.S. run on gasoline or diesel fuel. The price of oil used to produce gasoline and other energy products continues to have a significant effect on the U.S. economy, its corporations and your investments. The oil market is truly global, with price changes in Europe and elsewhere directly affecting the market in the United States. While the U.S. has some influence over domestic energy prices, knowledgeable investors pay attention to developments in both the global energy markets and related U.S. policies.

Oceans Do Not Financial Moats Make

Oct. 2022

Investors are understandably often focused on domestic events. Inflation in the U.S., the Fed’s response, and the risk of a recession are all important topics. (See Will the Fed’s Inflation Fight Cause a Recession?) However, the financial prospects of many firms based in the U.S. are significantly affected by international developments. A savvy investor tracks global events in order to understand their potential effects on foreign investments but also, importantly, U.S. firms as well.

A Family Office for Many Families

Sept. 2022

A traditional “family” office provides comprehensive investment, tax, estate and other services to achieve long-term financial goals, including passing on wealth to future generations. Providing all these services is expensive, and to justify an office focused on a single family may require wealth possessed by very few. However, a different model leverages the scale achieved from many clients to create an efficient, cost-effective “multi-family” office for those not in position to create their own dedicated office. Wambolt & Associates uses this approach to integrate multiple professional services into a comprehensive and tailored financial plan, all subject to a fiduciary duty to act in a client’s best interests.

August 2022

“There is no Ground Hog Day, when all the economists come out from the tunnel and declare the recession is over. They have a retroactive, seasonally-adjusted Ground Hog Day.”
– Peter Lynch

The recent debate about whether the economy is or is not already in a recession can be a distraction from the important underlying facts. What is generally accepted is that the U.S. economy is weakening. Economic growth, as measured by the domestic production of goods and services, is either slowing or reversing. Markets usually perform less well when economic output falls. However, overall market declines may be starting to reverse, and may also provide attractive opportunities to invest in specific companies.

JULY, 2022

“The trend is your friend…until the end when it bends.” – Ed Seykota

Day trading by individual investors grew substantially during the pandemic. People stayed at home, spent more time online, and, in some cases, had additional funds to spend. These effects encouraged day trading, as did the market rally that started in March 2020. However, this year’s bear market has exposed the challenges of day trading. For casual investors, day trading is a volatile form of investing that can increase the emotional stress of trying to preserve net worth. A more traditional, long-term approach may be a better fit.

JUNE, 2022

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” – Robert Arnott

The market declines this year are painful. However, these types of declines are surprisingly frequent. Understanding how to respond to market corrections is critical. Behavioral economics teaches that our psychology can lead to common, irrational mistakes in these down markets. Well-informed investors anticipate and avoid these mistakes through a sound, disciplined financial approach.

MAY, 2022

If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning to Fail – Benjamin Franklin
No one ever plans to fail; it is never intentional. We do not launch initiatives with failure in mind. Instead, we seek success. When we start a business, make an investment, or take on a new venture – retirement, parenthood, or a cross-country move – we experience both success and failure.

APRIL, 2022

Speculation about a potential recession has been prominent in recent financial reporting. The good news is that multiple elements of the U.S. economy are healthy and provide an economic tailwind for the future. The bad news is that actions by the Federal Reserve Board (“Fed”), necessary to prevent long-term inflation, are likely to cause an economic slowdown, if not a recession, within the next two years.

MARCH, 2022

Most of the world has been inspired by Ukraine’s willingness and ability to resist military action by Russia. The suffering of the Ukrainian people is tragic. The reaction has been a broad set of sanctions against Russia imposed by countries across the globe, with the Russians attempting to respond in kind. The economic sanctions as a result of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine may create short-term challenges to the United States economy, but appear unlikely to create a serious recession or to have a substantial effect on the U.S. economy in the long-run.


How to implement tax-free benefits for employees working from home. During Covid-19, companies small and large were forced to adapt to remote work. Workers and businesses invested in home offices and equipment. Now, a growing number of companies are realizing that full remote or hybrid work weeks are here to stay as more employees do not want to return to the daily commutes to an office.


Inflation is at 7%, its highest level since 1982. The ability of Congress or the Biden Administration to curb inflation is limited, at best. Responsibility for addressing inflation will fall to the arm of the federal government primarily responsible for monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Board (the “Fed”).


Recent increases in wages, prices and inflation are receiving a lot of media coverage. What should you believe, and what is a lot of hot air? What should you consider for your investment portfolio going into the New Year? For 2022, sound analysis of current events and thoughtful application of established investing principles will help you navigate turbulent financial waters.


Uncertainty has become a usual way of life these past couple of years. But, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” With that thought in mind, tax planning has become more critical in our ever-changing legislative environment.


Many investors are concerned that the current uncertainties affecting the markets will cause a “market correction” and losses in their portfolios. Should you be moving into, or staying in, cash?

Pain vs. Gain: Taming your Emotions in Uncertain Markets


Sector investments perform differently during the various phases of the economic cycle. Successfully rotating – or re-allocating – investments from one economic sector depends on a timely read of future macroeconomic conditions.

AUGUST, 2021
Money flowed into growth-oriented technology investments in 2020. 2021 investing has a different look. Here’s a way to think about a rotation from growth to value investing when inflation heats up.

JULY, 2021

“The arithmetic makes it plain that inflation is a far more devastating tax than anything that has been enacted by our legislatures. The inflation tax has a fantastic ability to simply consume capital.” ~Warren Buffet



JUNE, 2021

Consumer prices rose 5% in the 12-month period that ended in May, marking the biggest jump in inflation since 2008. Is that a problem? To answer that question, let’s review a few basics about inflation and how inflation has affected the economy in the past.

Proactive Tax Planning Capital Gains Bargains

MAY, 2021

It is usually the fall season when we begin to think about the year coming to an end, and what we might do during this final quarter to improve our tax picture.

Answering to Suitability vs. Fiduciary

APRIL, 2021

Not all financial professionals are alike when it comes to working with their clients.

Non-Retirement Savings Accounts Options

MARCH, 2021

Saving for retirement can be likened to going on a diet. What you need to succeed in both cases is a long-term mindset and the discipline to stay the course along the way.


As wealth managers, we talk a lot about proactive tax planning and the importance of taking the time to create more favorable tax outcomes. With that said, why aren’t more individuals getting involved in the process?

Roth Conversion


Simply put, a ROTH Conversion is a transfer of all or part of the balance of an existing Traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA.

What You Need To Know About College Savings 529 Plan Versus UTMA


Helping families design their financial roadmap often involves a discussion on some of the best practices for setting money aside for children’s education. The tough part for parents is first trying to determine if their child is going to be college-bound, community college-bound …


According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), there are 19,884 registered financial advisors located in Colorado as of October 2020; this number is six times greater than that of Nevada with only 3,301 advisors.  

It comes as no surprise to see this elevated number of advisors residing in Colorado since Colorado is ranked #13 in America for income per capita.


It is a common myth to believe that any sitting President’s fiscal policies can or will manipulate the barometer of the U.S. stock market, while the truth is, over the past 120 years – the long-term performance of the market has shown almost no correlation with government or fiscal policies. It is a monetary policy that matters more.


Although every market cycle has unique aspects, it is clear that 2020 has presented countless unique challenges and outcomes as this year continues to unfold. From record low unemployment catapulting to record high unemployment, a global pandemic that led to shutdowns …

AUGUST, 2020

Janelle van Meel brings over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry to the Wambolt & Associates team. She launched her career with Oppenheimer Funds in 1998 and had opportunities that spanned an array of roles, from retirement plan relationship support to reviewing fund …

JULY, 2020

We are excited to announce our latest summer interns to the W&A Team- Kennedy GrandPre and Wilson Abshire. They plan on being with us throughout the summer and they may stay into the fall depending on how Covid-19 impacts their fall plans.

JUNE, 2020

Historically, the concept of a Family Office was exclusively for Ultra High Net Worth Investors. As the investment world and our tax code have evolved, things often get more complex (not to mention family-planning dynamics constantly maturing). Having a coordinated strategy and team to support these efforts…

MAY, 2020

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act which was recently passed by Congress is intended to assist business owners with specific needs they have right now.

MARCH, 2020

Congress passed several laws in December of 2019 that impact several retirement savings aspects. This bundle of changes is referred to as the SECURE ACT (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement).


As we turn the page on 2019, as well as a decade of economic growth, allow us to reflect on some of the defining features of these interesting times…


We’re back – by popular demand! We have been working hard to improve how we keep you updated with what’s happening within our team and in the wealth management world. Hopefully, you will find this new and improved version fun and insightful.

MAY, 2019

The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted Regulation Best Interest on June 5, 2019. The regulation addresses the standard of conduct for broker-dealers and is designed to up the litmus test on the types of recommendations broker-dealers can make to their retail clients beyond existing suitability obligations. Click here to read more on this important subject…

APRIL, 2019

All investments carry risk. Exposure to loss, and an investor’s appetite for taking chances, influence investment behavior and the design of your investment portfolio. While some investors thrive when the stakes are high, most investors are more temperate and defensive in building wealth. Read more from Managing Director of Planning and Investments, Andrew Jenkins

MARCH, 2019

Wambolt & Associates is pleased to announce that Kelly Fraser has joined the advisory team as a Senior Wealth Management Advisor. Kelly has over 18 years of investment advising experience serving clients in the financial services industry. She has a strong portfolio management background with considerable expertise managing long-term relationships with clients under fiduciary standards of care.


Over the last 30 years, Greg has met with clients and their families countless times, preparing them for change, outlining potential options, and helping guide sound financial decisions. This dedication has grown the firm to what it is today, a dynamic, innovative and forward-looking wealth management firm inextricably linked to the goals of its clients.


Despite the turbulent end to 2018, the U.S. economy continues to be resilient into 2019. Unemployment is at its lowest level in 49 years, wage growth is reaching levels not seen since 2009, and consumer spending and industrial production remain strong. A tight labor market and moderate inflation has been good for consumers.


We are pleased to announce that Shelby McGuire has joined our talented team of professionals as a Wealth Management Advisor. “We are very excited to have Shelby on the team,” said Jeff Wambolt, Chief Operations Officer. “Shelby’s genuinely engaging approach creates a rewarding experience for her clients and colleagues.”


Our business model at Wambolt is built around understanding what you want to do with more than your money; it’s about what you want to do with your life, family, business and passions. It’s up to us to help you define your values, vision and goals so that (together) we can map out a financial plan to get you there.


Looking back, Q3 was a strong quarter for U.S. stocks. The strong fundamentals of our economy were seen in all three indices during the third quarter, and the equity markets performed well despite concerns over escalating international trade tensions. 


We are pleased to announce that Jovi Rodriguez has joined the Wambolt Family as a Junior Wealth Management Advisor and Analyst. 

AUGUST, 2018

You would never build a house without a blueprint, right? The same process goes for building a financial plan. Curious how it works and how we make it easy?

JULY, 2018

Lindsey brings her distinct client-advocacy perspective to Wambolt, where she’ll execute outreach strategies to engage our clients in activities that build and secure wealth. 

JUNE, 2018

In June, the Federal Reserve raised its target rate a quarter of a percentage point, the second hike in the federal funds rate this year. Here’s a quick rundown of some additional factors that generally affected the economy in June.

MAY, 2018

New summer interns are now at work at Wambolt & Associates! Being an intern at Wambolt is a two-way learning experience, beneficial to both the intern and the firm. Clients can expect some fresh talent and a new perspective in various areas of the firm, particularly technology.

Balanced Portfolio

APRIL, 2018

It’s common for a client to compare their portfolio return to what they see on the news. Last year when the S&P 500 had a banner year, closing out 2017 up 19.5%, a client’s portfolio may have closed out the year with gains of only 11%. Similarly, the markets fell 10% the first quarter of 2018 and the same client’s portfolio may have only fallen by 1%.

MARCH, 2018

The year 2018 started strong with a tax reform boost on January 1. Since then, the market and economic news has become decidedly more worrisome. To many, it looks like too many pieces are pushing and pulling the economy in different directions, and the result is fear.

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