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Announcing new technologies for an easier, faster, better Wambolt experience

Our goals are simple. We want you, our clients, to be well-informed about where you are at all times. And we want to make it easy for you to do business with us.

To become faster, better and more precise, we’ve invested heavily in several powerful high-tech tools. Here’s a look at a few of our most recent technology innovations that are making it easier for our clients to communicate and do business with Wambolt & Associates.


We’ve added Smarsh to our enterprise systems for safe, data-based conversations with you.

What it is: Smarsh is an encryption software platform that protects and archives email, files and document transfers with clients. This secure platform allows us to communicate and transfer attachments and large files with you for download in a secure environment. The software also archives communications, providing ready-storage to recall, review and create reports based on e-communications.

Why this is important: We take client data collection, use and storage seriously. As a regulated fiduciary, the Securities and Exchange Commission requires that we protect client information and archive client communications. We maintain proper systems and backups, providing a high level of checks and balances to safeguard your sensitive data.

What you need to know: We encrypt communication here in the office prior to emailing you, creating the channel for a safe conversation. When you reply to an email that we send you, your response will be automatically encrypted as well. You should feel comfortable sharing personal and financial information via the mobile, tablet or computer device of your choice when you receive an encrypted message from us.

How it works: The cloud-based system has no hardware, software or plug-ins required, and no certificate or key exchanges necessary to access secure messages.


YCharts is up and running, giving our analysts best-in-class insights and monitoring capabilities into the investment vehicles in your portfolio.

What it is: YCharts is a financial data research platform for our analysts to identify strengths and weaknesses in investment portfolios. The platform tracks more than 50,000 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, and provides over 4,000 financial metrics on performance, both current and historical.

Why this is important: Access to this world class tool gives our analysts another avenue to review the most current financials for each company we invest in. We can also take a deep dive into related data to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an investment vehicle, class or industry before we invest to confirm a purchase fits the mix and balance needs of your investment portfolio.

What you need to know: Complex filters in the application drive thousands of metrics, allowing us to dig into the stocks and funds that meet criteria we set. The freshest data is automatically populated and easily accessed in seconds to compare stocks, funds, indices and more in pursuit of higher performing portfolios.

How it works: This web application is always-on and available to our analysts to build charts, screens and data series on-demand.


SalesForce is helping us stay better connected and in lockstep with you by tracking and managing every step of our ongoing projects, even prompting us to contact you when items need attention.

What it is: Before SalesForce, we maintained a client database to communicate with you. SalesForce takes our relationship to the next level. It’s a strong tool that tracks our interaction from beginning to end, whether we’re working on financial planning, selecting insurance, saving for retirement or a myriad of other services.

Why this is important: This tool helps us respond to your questions and concerns faster by telling us where we stand with your project, so we can move forward efficiently, losing no time in rehashing old news. It also helps us be proactive by providing a mechanism for scheduling reminders and tasks to keep our relationship on track.

Coming Q3: Black Diamond Client Experience Portal

We’re working to personalize your investor experience! By the end of Q3, every Wambolt client will be able to see their investment accounts at any time, review investment performance and contact our team for follow up from your phone, tablet or computer.

What it is: Black Diamond is an elite, new-breed portfolio management system and client reporting solution.

Why this is important: Using the Black Diamond app, you can view or manage your complete wealth securely online. From your personalized homepage, you’ll be able to share communications and see a streamlined view of the items most important to you. From here you can view your accounts, reports, projected income, gains, allocation targets, and more online at any time to help you manage your personal finance and investment decisions. Click the team button at any time to quickly schedule or request meetings, contact us via email or phone, and get directions to our office.

We’re making wealth management easier for you. Let us know how we’re doing. Send us your feedback now.

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