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A June 7 article on WealthManagement.com entitled, My Life as a Client: Don’t Ask Too Many Questions, reads like a what-not-to-do in the world of wealth management advising. (Thankfully, we don’t!)

The author, who lives in New York City, chronicles her search for “unbiased financial advice.” With investible assets of more than $1 million, she wanted an advisor who would answer her questions and justify their fees. She writes about asking one potential advisor, “How do you know when a client relationship is going south?” The response she got, “When a client asks too many questions.”

Ask us

We expect our clients to ask questions, lots of them. A knowledgeable investor contributes more to the process that leads to long-term financial success. Plus the more you ask, the better you sleep at night.

Our clients are our primary concern. Unlike large firms where product sales and investments are the primary focus, our focus is on you. As a fiduciary, we work for you, helping you build wealth and protect what you own across all disciplines that could impact your financial profile.

3 advisors, 1 firm

Why stop with an investment advisor when your financial position is impacted by a wide array of factors? Broaden your lens. Advisors focused on managing investments deliver a singular, myopic view of financial health. We believe it’s not enough in today’s environment, when every financial decision has tax and legal implications.

We make it easier for you to tamp down on the variables and achieve financial success with all of your advisors in one place, working collaboratively on your behalf. Each of our family offices has a wealth management advisor, accountant and lawyer available to answer your questions, provide insights, and inform your decision making process.  This trifecta works as a team, reviewing your personal situation from all angles, accelerating your success and helping to avert unintended consequences.

What you can expect

In addition to an open ear, you can expect from us:

  • Full transparency so you know where you are at and what it is costing you at all times

  • Your own personal compass—a financial plan–that guides decisions, discipline, and direction

  • Improvement strategies from a financial, tax and legal perspective

So bring on your questions —we’re here for you!

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