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Fly of the Month Club (FOM) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our Fly of the Month Club. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please contact us at 720-962-6700.

  • What is the inspiration behind Fly of the Month Club (FOM)?

Greg grew up in Summit County with a fly rod in hand. In the early 1970’s Colorado didn’t look like it does today, so Greg had plenty of space to practice and hone his fishing techniques. He helped his father lay brick during the day and spent his time-off exploring and fishing. The Snake River and Dillon Reservoir are where he spent most of his time but would occasionally get a ride over to the Blue River. Greg remembers catching hundreds of trout that he would throw back into the water and catch the next day. Today, Greg doesn’t frequent the river as much, but will never forget his roots and where the inspiration for his Fly of the Month Club (FOM) stemmed from.

  • How did FOM begin?

Approximately a decade ago, Greg’s nephews developed a passion for tying their own fishing flies. They produced such a high volume of flies that they decided to send a few to clients with a little diagram on how to use them. Clients enjoyed the unique, hand-made gift and it exploded into what we know as today – Fly of the Month Club (FOM). Each month, clients look forward to receiving their flies and the associated article.

  • Why do you have FOM when you’re a wealth manager?

Not only does Greg have historical ties to fly-fishing, but it’s something he’s passionate about to this day. It’s clear that anglers have different motivations that draw them back to the water. While many find allure in the peace and harmony nature provides, others may enjoy the sport because it reminds them of fishing with a cherished family member or friend. Greg likes to think of his club as a metaphor for retirement and enjoying your golden years. If you plan for retirement and effectively exploit the appropriate resources to meet your financial goals, you are more likely to spend your days on things you enjoy such as standing on a riverbank, catching fish.

  • How do I sign up, am I eligible?

Anyone is welcome to sign up for our Fly of the Month Club. Simply hit the ‘Join Now’ button on our FOM webpage and a pop window will allow you to input your information. We will need all information that has an asterisk, especially your mailing address since we ship the FOM directly to you.

  • How much does it cost?

We don’t charge a fee to join FOM. It’s a passion and interest we are excited to share with others.

  • What if my address changes?

If your address changes and you still want to receive FOM, please give us a call at 720-962-6700 or send an email to lisa.wambolt@wamboltwealth.com to update your information.

  • How does FOM work, what can I expect if I sign up?

Each month you will be mailed our featured article along with an artificial fly and description on how to use it. Some choose to utilize their flies as Knick Knacks, earrings, conversational pieces, gifts, and some actually use them to fly fish! The featured articles vary from how to fish during particular seasons, to techniques, and other miscellaneous fly-fishing topics you might find interesting. If there is something you would like us to investigate, please send your suggestions to lisa.wambolt@wamboltwealth.com.

  • Will I get bombarded with emails after signing up?

You will be added to our contact list upon signing up, but we will NOT clog up your email nor will we share your information. You will receive our monthly newsletters and important updates, which you can opt-out of at any time. 

  • Can I share my fishing stories and pictures with W&A?

Yes, please do! We love to hear about your fishing adventures. Please feel free to share your stories and pictures with us by sending an email to lisa.wambolt@wamboltwealth.com. You may even find yourself featured in an article!