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For women only: Talk it up, team up and take control of your wealth

Our youngest client is a 13-year old teenage boy who is saving and investing money earned from a lawn mowing business. His mother and a friend brought in their homeschooled children to us to complete an economic unit on investing.

While the students came to our office to learn, it’s the mothers that drove them — and sat in on the lesson — that may have gotten the most out of the unit. These two moms had been focused for years on raising families and home schooling children. They came in not knowing what they didn’t know, and they left wanting answers.

They went home to their household budgets and started asking critical questions in three key financial areas:

  • Health: Where are we today?
  • Wealth: Where are we headed?
  • Planning: How will we get there?

More importantly, these women left ready to talk about money. Women are generally talkers, except when it comes to personal finances. Personal finances are one of the most intimate and emotional conversations we can have with others, which is why so many women find it difficult to talk about personal finances.

The women that do take action early are more likely to plan and follow through than men in their financial choices.

Read more of the article by Cindy Alvarez and Lindsey Miller published in BizWest: For women only: Talk it up, team up and take control of your wealth.

Your invitation

Women are and will continue to work longer than men, making starting the conversation earlier and letting wealth grow over time all that more important. Only one-third of women have a detailed financial plan; for young women aged 25–34, this number drops to 10 percent (Transamerica). By opening the conversation, Women, Wealth & Wisdom creator Cindy Alvarez can connect women to resources, advisors, and solutions that support individual, family, and community financial health for a lifetime.

We invite you to lean in and learn with like-minded women. Join Women, Wealth & Wisdom for access to resources and exclusive live events, or to engage Cindy to work with your organization. Classes are filling now. Click here to claim your spot. Cindy can be reached directly at (720) 962-6700 or cindy.alvarez@wamboltwealth.com.

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