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Jeff Wambolt brings client commitment and acumen to Wambolt & Associates

The team at Wambolt & Associates is excited to welcome one of its own into the fold, Jeff Wambolt. Jeff brings 17 years of experience making financial lifestyles better for clients and business owners across the western United States. He has spent years earning peoples’ trust in as little as those few moments it takes to make a first impression. “It’s important to me that people believe in what I can do for them and trust I’ll get the job done,” he says.

Jeff brings leadership skills developed in guiding teams across eight states. These efforts impacted thousands of employees and tens of thousands of customers. Digital technology was integral to communicating with clients on such a large scale. Jeff hopes to bring this spirit of innovation to Wambolt, where quick, easy and secure access to financial planning is a priority.

Previously, Jeff climbed the ranks at JPMorgan Chase & Co., from teller, where he first learned the value of active listening and interacting with clients, to a Regional Field Support Manager for business banking. In the latter role, Jeff coached teams and drove results through 1,600+ branches and 2,200+ small business specialists. He also personally managed a portfolio of high-end business clients, where he developed deep client relationships by understanding the business, vision and strategy of key personnel in a short amount of time.

When asked about his goals at Wambolt, Jeff is quick to talk about clients. “I want our clients to feel good about telling their friends and family that Wambolt is the team to see, and the people they trust to do a tremendous job,” he says.

When it’s time to cut loose outside of work, Jeff heads to the playground of the west, the Rocky Mountains. With his tricked-out Jeep Wrangler, Jeff four-wheels to remote campsites and trailheads where he can explore the natural beauty of the state from above. He has climbed 7 of the state’s 58 Fourteeners so far and is planning to climb many more.

Please join us in welcoming Jeff. You can reach out to him directly at (720) 962-6700 or via email at jeff.wambolt@wamboltwealth.com.


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