Wambolt - Fly of the Month

Wambolt - Fly of the MonthLike a flashback to the clubs of the 1970’s the Disco Midge is an embodiment of the bright lights and disco balls of that era!  This amazing attractor pattern, when fished in several sizes, can be used to effectively seduce the strike from trout as they aggressively feed on midges.  If you want a go-to midge pattern to heat up a slow day on the water, look no further than the Disco Midge!

The Red Disco Midge is especially a good fly in the colder season when midges are the only insect that hatch based upon colder water temperatures. Red midge imitations tend to work well on the rivers that have open water in the winter. Another great thing is the midge is highly visible and effective for aggressive trout in water s were midges make up a large part of their diet. Finally, they are one of the few patterns that do well in slightly dirty water or drifting debris.

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