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Tax Planning

State Income Tax Rates Individual state income taxes are a major source of revenue for states, accounting for nearly 35% of state tax collections nationwide. Forty-three states currently impose a state income tax, in addition to a Federal income tax, with only seven states imposing no state tax at all. As state and municipal finances...
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Where the Trout Go; Where We Go

Where the Trout Go As the snow melts and flows rise, it is important to understand how trout are affected.  A trout’s life is hard, and they can not afford to waste energy.  During high water life gets even harder, and they seek refuge is softer water.  When perusing trout in these conditions we need...
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May Macroeconomic Overview

Macroeconomic Overview The prospect of a delayed tightening by the Fed, a weaker dollar, and a rebound in commodities helped stabilize equities in April. A falling U.S. dollar along with central banks in Europe and Asia trying to stem the rise of the euro and yen, is indicative of a currency war looming in the...
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The Rise of the Stonefly

  (The Rise of the Stonefly) A morning mist swirled over the surface of the water just as it had thousands of times before, but this morning was destined to be different than those that had proceeded it.  Breaking through the dark surface of the water emerged two long antennas followed by a head that...
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Rich are Healthier

Rich are Healthier Researchers at the Urban Institute and Virginia Commonwealth University released a report in April examining the links between health, wealth, and income. For years poverty has often been associated with poor health, while the wealthiest have been thought of having fewer illnesses. To confirm these perceptions, the report analyzed various health problems...
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March Fly of the Month

The Evolution of the Egg Since time out of mind in rivers around the globe, trout have spawned, laying their eggs in ancient gravels, only to have their efforts and familial dreams devoured by other fish.  In the constantly moving world of trout, where currents continually push and pull and food actively seeks to evade...
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What’s Your Cup of Tea and Why Should You Drink It?

Tea is the world’s most popular prepared beverage:    second only to water!  What the world instinctively knows about tea, Americans are eagerly waiting for science to explain. Here are a few things to know about tea in general: All tea comes from the same plant: Camilla Sinensis. What makes the tea black, green, white or...
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March Newsletter

Here’s a fun fact worth sharing: January, 2015 economic data shows that for the first time ever, Americans spent more money eating in restaurants than buying their food from grocery stores. The difference was close. Americans spent $50.475 billion in January between restaurants and bars, and $50.466 billion in grocery stores.   Stay with me as...
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Physical and Mental

Memory loss is something most of us begin to fear as we walk into a room, forgetting what we were after… or, introducing someone to a friend you’ve known over the years and can’t seem to utter their name. Ever have that happen to you? Whether it’s occasional forgetfulness or a real loss of short-term...
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